Conode is (not) another productivity app

The universe of digital productivity is a busy place and is constantly evolving. Conode provides a unique approach and here's why we think it is the right medicine for you.


15 Productivity Hacks 2017

Does your workflow never end and you feel annoyed about it? When is the time to stop and become more efficient? Actually it might not be as hard as it seems to be more productive . I read many interesting articles about productivity and summarized some of the inputs in 3 categories. In the end you … Continue reading 15 Productivity Hacks 2017

The Conode Story You might ask: “why the hell would I need another productivity tool?” There are already 200 million tools on the Apple App Store and about the same amount on Google Play. There are established ones for note taking and task management such as Evernote, Quip or Trello. And there are Jira, Wunderlist … Continue reading