The Conode Story

You might ask: “why the hell would I need another productivity tool?” There are already 200 million tools on the Apple App Store and about the same amount on Google Play. There are established ones for note taking and task management such as Evernote, Quip or Trello. And there are Jira, Wunderlist and Co. which serve a more specific use case. So where is the need for a new digital assistant?

This is actually the exact question we asked ourselves when starting our venture. And we felt quite stupid util we drafted our first product vision. Inspired by the human brain and lean management principles, we wanted to build something that interconnects information amongst each other and that eliminates unnecessary steps like copy and paste to transform information from one shape to the other. This was the way we envisioned the perfect productivity assistant and an intensive competition analysis confirmed that there was no tool in the market, that covered this holistic approach. Moreover, it suddenly turned out Conode will provide features nobody has seen before. With this motivation in our heads, we were armed to unleash the potential of those sneaky little ones and zeroes.

One of the biggest promises digitalisation brought to the white collar worker is higher productivity. No more paper trails, all information accessible whenever it’s necessary and seamless team collaboration around the globe. But if you are being honest, you find yourself searching for a specific attachment in your inbox, looking up the most recent information in some outdated meeting minutes and copying your analog agenda to your digital task manager over and over again. This is not exactly how we define improved productivity.

With our current MVP (Minimum Viable Product) we cover one of the most central workflows in your daily business. With Conode Notes, you can write down ideas whenever they pop into your head – like you are used to do it with Post-its. Use Conode Pages, to enrich your Notes with additional information or to retain your meeting minutes. The unique conversion menu allows you to instantly convert any phrase into a task. And you can even share important notes with your peers via e-mail directly from within Conode.

The feedback we received has blown our minds and it gives us countless opportunities to extend our feature set! With this great confirmation in our heads, our whole team is working everyday to make Conode an even better fit for your productivity needs.

Not a Conode user yet? Catch up on .

Stay focused and happy testing.


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