Does your workflow never end and you feel annoyed about it? When is the time to stop and become more efficient?

Actually it might not be as hard as it seems to be more productive . I read many interesting articles about productivity and summarized some of the inputs in 3 categories. In the end you will get 15 tips which could change your working routine and your lifestyle.  I hope that will help you to boost your productivity too. Have fun!

Plan and structure your daily work. There are many tools which help to plan activities, to keep a structured overview of your tasks and to track the progress. You can use Conode “Pages” to plan and structure and convert directly your thoughts into “Tasks”. Here are a few tips on how to manage your workflow and daily tasks.

  1. Pick days for specific tasks. Steve Jobs was legendary for his consistent schedule. Mondays were for executive team meetings, Wednesdays were for advertising and marketing. Be systematic and focus on related tasks during that day.
  2. Take your time, 10 minutes should be enough, every morning to write down your tasks and goals you want to achieve during the day.
  3. Plan all your activities and tasks by scheduling them in your digital calendar. The reminder will show you when it is time to change the task. Make it a routine to schedule your day.
  4. Start planning your schedule from the BIG activities. The morning is the most productive time, do not waist your energy on small tasks.
  5. “Decision Fatigue” We can take limited amount of decisions per day. Do not waste your energy on thinking what to wear or to eat every day.

Be Active. It is important to combine mental and physical work because that will help you to feel healthier, happier and will give you more energy to increase your productivity. Here are five hacks how to be more active.

  1. Walk or take a bicycle instead of driving.
  2. Turn weekends into active days. Don’t be a couch potato!
  3. Schedule short breaks throughout the day and take a walk.
  4. Find an active hobby after work (tennis, basketball, volleyball and ect).
  5. Drink water at work. It will help you to stay hydrated and you will need to stand up every hour.

Motivating environment. If you want to increase your productivity it is important to have an environment which helps to focus and reduce distractions. Here are a few tips how to create a work friendly environment.

  1. Ignore the news.
  2. Declutter the desk.
  3. Organize your computer desktop.
  4. Block distracting websites and notifications.
  5. Make a productivity playlist. After a few months it will be a signal for your brain to focus.

I hope these tips will help you to boost your productivity. The key to change is to start small. Pick something now and make your day more productive!


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